Papers presented by graduates in UAE and Qatar

Several recent MATEFL graduates had their research papers accepted at two international conferences. Their papers were based on their MA Thesis projects:

  • Serine Poghosyan: “”Content Validity of Armenia’s High-Stakes English Test, presented at TESOL Arabia 2012 in Dubai, UAE.
  • Armine Ghazaryan: “Syntactic Errors in Armenian Learners’ Spoken Production”, presented at TESOL Arabia 2012 in Dubai, UAE.
  • Anna Baydurdyan: “Impact of Games on the Acquisition of Second Language Grammar Structures”, presented at Qatar TESOL 2012 in Doha, Qatar

Two of the presenters were able to obtain partial financial support to cover their travel expenses from the Center for Research in Applied Linguistics hosted at the Department of English Programs.


  1. Anna

    QATAR TESOL 2012 conference was a valuable experience for me. Attending conferences is more important for language teachers because ESL teaching is a rapidly changing field. While attending conferences teachers look forward to practicing new methods/trends, learning about different ideas, expanding different thoughts and up to dated experiences, extending their horizons in the profession, and establishing new network with the attendees and presenters. This leads to expansion in the resource and knowledge bases.
    Thanks QATAR TESOL 2012 for giving me the opportunity to present my paper and also exchanging practice and learning different ideas from different instructors. Special thanks to Center for Research on Applied Linguistics that gave me partial financial support to cover my travel expenses.

  2. carlos antonio

    Dear Colleague:

    I was able to read your thesis abstract. Just a few questions: What was the average age of the subjects in your research? What was the duration of the study? Which types of games did you use?

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