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MA TEFL Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes:

Goal 1: Provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in the English language and linguistics.

1.1. describe and analyze the English language.
1.2. communicate using English that models the standards required in the profession.
1.3. critically analyze and evaluate learners’ use of English.


Goal 2: Prepare students to support language learners and their learning processes.
2.1. understand language acquisition processes.
2.2. provide effective assessment and feedback on student learning.
2.3. identify and respond to diverse learner needs to facilitate their learning processes.


Goal 3: Develop specialists skilled in language pedagogy.
3.1. plan activities, lessons, and courses according to contemporary language teaching methodology.
3.2. demonstrate effective teaching practices.
3.3. successfully select, develop, and use a range of teaching materials and resources.


Goal 4: Prepare educational leaders who successfully contribute to the field and society.
4.1. conduct research, evaluation, and needs analysis to make informed decisions related to language education.
4.2. exhibit attitudes and behaviors of reflective and lifelong learning practitioners.
4.3. provide innovative solutions to real-life problems to contribute to their communities and the field.
4.4. demonstrate collaborative, efficient, and responsible practices.
4.5. understand educational policies and apply them to practice.