MATEFL admission updates

If you’re interested in applying to the Department of English Program for Fall 2011, here are some updates for you:

  • The DEP still accepts rolling applications
  • The DEP no longer requires the GRE for MA TEFL applicants
  • Applicants with iBT TOEFL scores between 75-89 may be admitted in the MA TEFL program conditionally
  • A few scholarships are still available
  • If you need help with your application, come by and see us in Paramaz Avedisian Building, 4th Floor. You may also call us at (010) 512-743.
Apply soon!


  1. Gayane

    Hi. I have a question concerning the GRE test. I know that this year the DEP no longer requires the GRE for applicants, but what about next year? I am going to apply next year and I would like to know about it for sure. Thank you.

    1. dep_user

      At this point, it looks like GRE won’t be an admission requirement for the DEP Programs. Instead, it’ll be substituted by an in-house speaking test that will help DEP better tailor to the needs of the new DEP students.

  2. Gayane


  3. Parvin Vakiloroaya

    Dear sir or madam
    I am an Iranian woman.I have BA in English Literature and BA , MA in Dramatic Literature.I am very interested in MA of TEFL.Virginia universty has awarded me scholarship for this course.But, because of some unexpected problem, I have to refuse.Would you please send me some informations about this course in your university and eligibility for scholarshi?
    Parvin Vakiloroayee

  4. Parvin Vakiloroaya

    Hi, it would be nice of you if you send some informations about the conditions of MA of TEFL.

  5. Anna

    Re to your anouncement
    I’m graduating this year from ERICTA (European Regional Educational Avcademy),faculty linguistics, and when I’ll have my BC degree completed successfully I would like to have my master degree in AUA. But there is a problem I need to complete also TOEFL IBT as required , is there any special classes for TOEFL IBT in AUA, if yes I’d like to learn how can I apply for that and conditions, also I wonder if I’ll manage to complete and pass the required exam before deadline for entering AUA. Thank YOU !!!

  6. Juli

    Hi., I’ve a question.. As I get MATEFL program is a full- time Master’s degree which lasted 2 years, but I can’t find how much the tuition is and when I can apply for 2014 -2015, also I must pass only TOEFL or other exams???? Please can u help me and answer . Thank You ūüôā

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