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Center for Research in Applied Linguistics (CRAL)


The Center was initially established in the academic year of 2003 within the Department of English Programs. Its mission is to conduct, encourage, publish and disseminate research with primary focus on promoting effective language teaching at all levels in Armenia and the region.

Specific CRAL goals include:

  • conducting research on the teaching of English as a Foreign Language and the teaching of other languages
  • providing opportunities for MA students to conduct their research as part of their course work at AUA
  • providing English teaching services to the larger community
  • implementing relevant research findings to the Armenian context
  • educating and training in-service TEFL professionals for academic and leadership positions
  • supporting academic activities for faculty at AUA and elsewhere
  • holding local, regional, and international conferences on issues related to applied linguistics.

Experimental English Classes

As a community service, CRAL is offering English language classes to children of Armenian community. The aim of these classes is twofold. Firstly, it provides the children with the possibility to learn English through communicative methods of teaching. Secondly, it is to provide TEFL students with a practicum experience that will allow them first to see Communicative Language Teaching in practice and then to try out the new methods in their own teaching.


AUA Extension General English Classes

In collaboration with AUA Extension, CRAL provides academic oversight of the Extension General English classes.